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If you are a Busy Black Woman looking for Bite-sized Healing Support...then you are in the RIGHT place! 


Never has the journey to becoming our BEST selves been so stylish! Usually, when you sign up for a coaching program or get a workbook or tangible element you have to carry that around in a bag you already own. 




You can experience the growth of using a journal or workbook AND be cute in the process! Not only will the journal fit in the bag, but the bag has a custom message on it to help us as women have critical conversations. It also solidifies your commitment to YOUR OWN HEALING! 


So...what's included? 


  • A custom leather waterproof clutch with a wristband as well as custom engraving 
  • My proprietary healing journal that will help you do the inner work for your healing 
  • Digital tools to teach you how to use the journal as well as additional healing tips 


So what are you waiting for? 

Grab your bundle so you can...




Dr. Stephanie Lynn

Healing On The Go Bundle (White)

SKU: bundle-white
$69.99 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
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  • This is a bundle with 2 physical products as well as digital products.

    Product 1 is a leather, waterproof clutch (wristband included) with a custom embroidered message on each one.

    Product 2 is a 30-Day journal with several daily journaling prompts specifically for spiritual and emotional healing support.  This journal is intended to be used daily. Most people see the best results after 1 consistent month of use. 

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