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Dr. Stephanie Lynn

Hey Girl, Hey!

My name is Dr. Stephanie Lynn


Let's start with the facts: here is a quick timeline of my life...


Age 23: 
2 kids, different fathers, living on my own 

Working 2 jobs, raising 2 kids, and finishing school

Spiritually & Emotionally BROKEN

Age 33: 

Survived a mid-life crisis

Lost long-term boyfriend and 6-figure job in the same week

Felt lost & disempowered with suicidal thoughts

Diagnosed with clinical depression

Weighed 350lbs at my heaviest on a 5'4 frame

Age 40: 

I made a DECISION to confront my pain, heal my trauma & live authentically

Invested thousands into my own education, coaching & healing 

Became a Spiritual Practitioner, Spiritual Psychology Coach & New Thought Minister 

Began coaching thousands of CEOs, Church Leaders, Single Moms & Women of Color


Completing my Doctor of Divinity

Creating a world-renowned Healing Community for Black Women

Writing my first book

Spiritually & Emotionally FREE 


Dr. Stephanie Lynn. Coach. Therapist. Speaker. Author.

A deeper dive...

I am SO honored that you found your way here & look forward to helping you! 

I specialize in transformational tools that reprogram the subconscious mind and rebuild the belief system.  I'm trained extensively in the Science of Mind, Spiritual Psychology & Rapid Transformational Therapy. Women of Color that choose to work with me will transform their issues, pain & problems into a healthy, whole & authentic reality. Permanently & without interruption. 

Whether it's through group therapy, coaching, speaking, or events, I help my clients remove the subconscious blocks & limited beliefs that have them running on autopilot and keeping them stuck in a reality they don't want.

I also have a wonderful community (The Hive) for all women of color (my clients or not) to come and get the love, help and support they desire as well. ​

I'm glad you found your way here! ​

Let's heal...together. 

"Everything you need in life to heal is already within you... Find your flo and let it go!"


New Thought Global
RTT Therapy
The Grace Church


Grow With Me

Building community is a CORE healing component! We have multiple opportunities to learn, grow and evolve. Join us!


Work With Me

If you want to work with me I would LOVE the opportunity to work with you! I only work with 100% Committed Women who come into COMMUNITY with me! If that's you, Great!

Sitting on Bed

Connect With Me

It's 2023 and everyone is on at least one social media platform. Lol. I am on a few too! Click the box & check it out!

Young Female Student
“Coach Steph changed my life.
My whole damn life.
I simply wouldn't be where I am if not for her.”

Chandalyn, Entreprenuer, CKWilliams Consulting

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