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It's time for you to BEGIN your journey to healing & truth. You've felt it. You've googled things. You've even watched a few controversial YT Videos. I say RIP THE BANDAID OFF! There is nothing like LIVING in healing & truth. Trust Me. 

Give me 10 minutes, take my short quiz & discover your very own unique healing blueprint! 

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Belief Builder.

Dr. Stephanie Lynn. Coach. Therapist. Speaker. Author.

About Stephanie

I am SO honored that you found your way here & look forward to helping you! 

I specialize in transformational tools that reprogram the subconscious mind and rebuild the belief system.  I'm trained extensively in the Science of Mind, Spiritual Psychology & Rapid Transformational Therapy. Women of Color that choose to work with me will transform their issues, pain & problems into a healthy, whole & authentic reality. Permanently & without interruption. 

Whether it's through group therapy, coaching, speaking, or events, I help my clients remove the subconscious blocks & limited beliefs that have them running on autopilot and keeping them stuck in a reality they don't want.

I also have a wonderful community (The Hive) for all women of color (my clients or not) to come and get the love, help and support they desire as well. ​

I'm glad you found your way here! ​

Let's heal...together. 

"Everything you need in life to heal is already within you... Find your flo and let it go!"

Hey Girl,Hey

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Join The Healing Hive

Hey Girl! Ok so.....I HATE Facebook Groups! Yep. Sure do. 

However, I LOVE Zoom Connections, Pop Up Coaching, Meet-ups, and MANY other ways of creating community. I love Social Media but NOT as a SAFE SPACE for healing. So instead of a group, I have a Premiere Text Club. Joining this club will give you access to everything happening inside the healing world of Trauma Free Society! 

Join The Healing Community

We are creating the #1 Healing & Transformation Community for Black Women...TOGETHER!






This is a teaching that I delivered (2023) on Facebook Live where I break down the pain associated with the pressure to push.  




Don't Just Look Healed;

This is a teaching that I delivered (2023) on Facebook Live where I break down the principles of Healing, specifically for Black Women.





The Power of a Changed Mind

This is week #1 of a series (2022) I taught at my church on the Power of Thought! As a man thinketh, so is he!

Grab a notepad! 

Free Resources

Trauma Free Society Community
Healing On The Go for Black Women

"The Hive" is a GREAT place to START your Healing & Transformation Journey! 

I host this service on the Patreon Platform because its easy, safe, and provides


Gone are the days of 2-hour therapy visits! 

In this app, I provide Bite-Sized Nuggets of Healing for Busy Black Women

We can use technology to aid us and we take full advantage of that in our community. There is a weekly Live Coaching Session, Audio Clips with education & empowerment, Special Guests, and SO MUCH MORE! 

Check it out and join us! 

Can't wait to HEAL with YOU! 

Healing while Reading

Events & Workshops

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