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Tangible Tools + Supportive Community

If you are a Woman of Color at the beginning of your healing and transformation journey and you need practical tools to help you and a loving, supportive community to process your journey in... then you are in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME! 

Watch Dr. Stephanie Lynn's Overview For More Info! 

What This Program Offers

I have carefully and consciously curated two (2) practical tools with lots of goodies to aid you on your healing journey!

*As of June 2024 we have moved the community from Patreon to WhatsApp. And it's FREE*

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Join Our Community!

You may not be 100% sure you are ready for the intensity that comes with coaching...and THATS OK!

Luckily we have an AMAZING Community that we have curated especially for Busy Black Women who want Bite-sized support! 

Is this YOU?

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Grab Your Bundle!

This is your opportunity to HEAL IN STYLE! With a custom-made healing clutch, my proprietary healing journal, and a few digital goodies, you will get a GREAT start to your journey! 

These are LIMITED EDITION bundles and I am 100% confident you will LOVE it! 

Where To Find Me

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